In late 2014 my husband and I were living on opposite sides of the world, and one night after a Skype conversation about drawing as an activity to help me sleep, I found some scrap printing paper and grabbed a pen and started sketching.  I was 26 years old, working in the health and fitness industry, I was pretty unhappy with where my career was heading, and I had no idea I had any artistic talent. 

What began as completely random doodles to help me sleep lead me on a journey of creative experimentation which has now become my sole focus.

I have combined a shared passion for animals and creating beautiful things to paint custom Pet Portraits and wildlife art. I draw inspiration from the natural world and will paint or draw anything that grabs my attention. I love to capture the little details and individual character of the animals I paint.

When I'm not painting Pet Portraits I'm discovering what shapes my personal artistic style and learning new painting and drawing techniques to better capture the beauty which inspires me.

Let me create a unique piece of art for you.