Hey I’m Zoe. I’m that person that chases cute cats and dogs down the street to try to pat them while looking like this:


In 2011 my boyfriend Kyle and I adopted these two adorable fur balls, Peaches the tabby and Boris the tuxedo cat.

Peaches and Boris - Zoe Wood 2018

They have been a constant source of laughter, love and affection and I can’t imagine life without them.

Boris is entirely indignant and eternally hungry and we have often imagined if he could talk he would have a refined English accent.

Peaches loves sunshine, and gets anxiety when she doesn’t get enough cuddles. She’s loving and gentle, but she has stealthy claws of death!

In 2014 Kyle and I got married, and we also ended up living on opposite sides of the world. It was a really difficult time for both of us, but one huge positive was that I had a lot of free time to rediscover things I had loved growing up. One of those things was art. I studied art in school but had focused mostly on photography, and hadn't drawn or painted a thing between the ages of about 18 -26. 

I sometimes struggle with anxiety and have had awful insomnia at different times in my life. While we were living separately Kyle suggested I try doodling to help me sleep and so I grabbed a scrap of paper and a pen and started sketching. I was surprised and delighted to discover that I wasn’t too bad at it, and I knew with some practice that I could get a lot better.

At the time I was working in the fitness industry and not particularly loving it. I knew I needed to find meaningful work, and art provided the answer. 

Boris is the first cat I ever painted, and when I shared his portrait on Facebook I received my first portrait commission. What began as completely random doodles to help me sleep lead me on a journey of creative experimentation which has now become my sole focus.

Boris' First Portrait.jpg

Now as a pet portrait artist I love to capture the little unique details and individual personalities of the animals I paint. I love to learn the stories of people’s pets and how they have impacted and changed their lives for the better. I love the oddness and quirkiness that is revealed when we get to know animals, and I love that I get to capture that in my paintings.

Let me create a unique piece of art for you.