Photograph Guidelines (to better capture your pets character). As long as they are high quality, quirky/silly/goofy photos absolutely welcome!
- At least one clear photograph of your pet with no blurriness. Ensure that eyes, nose and mouth have clear detail.

- A close portrait (not taken from afar or cropped - no missing ears etc) which when zoomed in has plenty of detail
- The photos below are very difficult to work with as it's impossible to get the all important details when zoomed in

- Take your photos in natural daylight if possible with no uneven shadows on their face (no flash, and if outside take your photo in the shade)
- Try and get to their eye level when taking the photo - avoid taking photos looking down/up at your pet as shown below

- If your pet if pure black or white, please send a photo where you can see highlights and shadows

Given all these guidelines, I also understand that sometimes you only have access to certain photos, so in these cases I will  do my best to work with the photos you have.

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions, I want to create the best portrait I can for you and I'm more than happy to help.