The Turtles of Course

I had to work overtime to ensure that I had this painting completed for release today! 

Kyle and I spent the weekend at Phillip Island with family for his nanna's 90th, and it was awesome to catch up with everyone but that meant I had very little time between Thursday (we had cousin's staying that night too) and today to get this finished! 

I worked all Friday afternoon and Monday night to finish the painting and to get the video done. This Turtle is the first painting in this series that I haven't been totally happy with. As you will see in the video I completely changed the shell! 

But I liked that it really challenged me to be OK with imperfection, and even though I changed it a lot I still really love this happy turtle. 

This turtle was inspired by one of Brene Brown's presentations where she talked about a turtle in a bramble bush without it's shell, and having to make the choice to either  move through the discomfort to get out of the bramble bush, or stay right where we are in "comfort". 

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~ Zoe

A Turtle (1 of 1).jpg