Take Flight Series P.1

Last week I painted a few trial backgrounds in acrylic on recycled wine boxes, and this week after having decided how I liked the background I started on Painting 1 in my Take Flight Series. The chosen background is shown in the second picture. .

2016-04-06 12.28.03.jpg

I haven't yet decided if I will do different background colours or keep them to a similar theme. I'll see how I feel about it when I start the next one! 

Because I'm using oil paint for these birds, and also because of the way I want them to look, it's a much slower process than it would usually be as I have to wait between layers for the oil paint to dry. I feel like it's a good challenge for me in practicing patience! 

I painted the first layer of Painting 1 yesterday afternoon, and made a super quick time-lapse too. The first in this series is a flying Spotted Dove. You will see these little love birds hanging out together in your backyard or sitting on your house gutters. 

I'm excited to work on this painting, and I will have more to show soon! 

- Zoe

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