Photos of The Day: Elowah Falls

30 Days of Smartphone Photography Day 24 Today we went for a hike in the Multnomah County to see the top and bottom of Elowah Falls. Obviously I have more than one photo in this post, but there were too many awesome moments to choose just one.

First off we went down hill to view the falls from the bottom of the valley. Here's the top, middle and bottom of the falls, since it was too high to fit in one shot. The hike induced enough huffing and puffing to really appreciate the amazing 213 feet tall waterfall.

IMG_1423 IMG_1428 IMG_1444After a refreshing misting of icy water from the falls we made our way back up to the top, then wound our way along the cliff edge to reach the next set of falls.



We stopped for lunch at the top of this waterfall on a small cliff edge which provided views right down to the bottom of the gorge. IMG_1593

IMG_1681We walked through the water up to the next small waterfall. It was a really sunny day so the waterfalls had a lot of shadows which isn't ideal for photography, but still really fun taking photos of the moving water. IMG_1701Here's some extra shots I took along the way.IMG_1581



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