5 Steps for Perfect Action Shots

Today's post is a quick tutorial on how to take action shots with your Canon dSLR. It can be really frustrating when you take photo's of your pets (or any fast moving object) and you think you have gotten an  awesome sharp shot, then you open it and find it all blurry!

dogs (1 of 1)

Here's 5 steps for sharp action shots

Before you do any of these steps make sure you and your subject are in bright sunlight (or bright overcast light like I was today). You won't be able to use high shutter speeds in low lit cloudy/rainy conditions.

1. Switch your camera on and turn the mode dial to Tv (shutter Priority)

You want to control the shutter speed here, but the camera will take care of everything else in this mode

2. Set the shutter speed to 1/1000

At this speed your camera should be able to capture your fast moving subject with no blur

3. Switch your AF mode (you will find AF button on back of camera) from One Shot to AI Servo

Turning on AI Servo will automatically continue to focus on moving objects

4. Set ISO to 100

ISO 100 will make your camera less sensitive but will also capture images with minimal noise

5. Make sure your cameras focus point is in the middle

There you go! 5 steps for sharp action shots.

The shot above was taken with exactly these settings and the dogs were running fast!

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