Photo of the Day: San Francisco

Today is my final day in the US, and today's post comes to you from the San Francisco Airport.  Yesterday I had the most awesome farewell day with Kyle, and we finally made it to the Golden Gate bridge!

After an amazing lunch with some equally awesome people we took a short ferry cruise across the bay and then hiked up to have a proper look at the famous bridge.

It was worth it. hdr_00133_0

Ciao for now USA, I will be back with more once I am back in Aus!

The 5 Best Android Camera Apps

30 Days of Smartphone Photography Day 28

Most smartphone's have great inbuilt cameras, but if you want your photos to really stand out there are hundreds of apps which can help you capture and create beautiful images.

The problem is deciding on which ones to use. If you look up the best camera apps you will get pages and pages of recommendations.

Rather than listing out 50 apps which you could try, here's 5 apps which I actually use and like on my Android smartphone.

1. ProHDR Camera $1.99

While your in-built camera can capture great photos at one exposure level, ProHDR Camera combines 3 separate photos taken at different exposures to create beautiful vibrant images. This app is awesome for situations when either the background is too bright, or there is too much shadow in the foreground.

Use this app to capture the most amount of colour in your images and bring out detail in overly bright or shadowed areas.



hdr_00048_02. CameraZOOM FX $2.99 for Premium or Free Lite Version

CameraZOOM FX has all the features of your regular camera app with added bonuses to help make taking beautiful photos so much easier. With controls like touch to focus/shoot, white balance, timer and burst modes and nightshot mode, CameraZOOM gives you the extras you need for awesome shots.

Use this app in place of your built in camera for greater creative control. CameraZOOM-20140712164215043

3. Pixlr Express FREE

Pixlr Express gives you everything you need to quickly edit a photo to make it really stand out. You can make minor adjustments, or you can add filters, borders, text and stickers to create an image with a message.Screenshot_2014-07-12-14-41-46

Here's some of the awesome features of this app:

• Explore the tools: easily adjust the contrast and brightness of your image, or focus on one color with the color splash tool
• Easily crop, rotate and adjust images when saving and sharing. 
• Choose from four pre-defined dimensions (or input your own custom dimensions) for fast and flexible image resizing after editing. 
• Create and customize a photo collage by editing its layout, background, and spacing. 
• Share your photo directly with friends through Facebook or email, or just save it back to your photo library.
• ‘Auto Fix’ photos for a one-click fix to balance out colors, adjusting for poor lighting conditions.
• Explore the growing catalog of additional effects, overlays, and border packs.
• Look like a pro with cool photo effects such as focal blur, denoise, and more. 

Use this app for post editing to bring colour out or to completely change your image.20140709_195059


4. Dropbox Free

I have talked about Dropbox before hereDropbox is a free service for securely storing and sharing photo’s, videos and documents online. The Dropbox app means you can access the service on any device. I find Dropbox most useful when I want to quickly access photo’s from my phone (Android) on my iPad, or when I want to share photo’s and documents without having to email or use a USB.


5. PhotoGrid Free

Make collages quickly and easily with this app to create interesting images which tell a story. If you like using Instagram, use Photogrid to make your photos stand out and capture the attention of your followers.

Screenshot_2014-07-12-14-44-13PhotoGrid_1405203724307[1] There you go! 5 Apps to help you capture and create beautiful eye capturing images.

While my phone camera is awesome as is, it often doesn't capture what my eyes see, so basically all my photos taken with my phone have some touch ups done before I share them.

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ProHDR Camera Update

Today I went out on my bike, got a little lost and eventually found Eastbank Esplanade to get some comparison shots for the proHDR app. I took way too many photos and it's taken me ages to sort them all out. But I have an update on yesterdays post now!

I gotta say, I don't know if I'm so impressed now that I have some side by side photos with the new app and my regular camera.

Unless your're A, a robot with perfectly steady hands, or B, OK with blurry images this app is basically impossible to use without a tripod.

Even resting my phone on solid objects and breathing like a sniper I couldn't get images which didn't have a tiny bit of overlap. Really, this is to be expected since its using two images but it's also a phone app which most people would use without a tripod.

Here's the shots I took today.

First shot was taken using proHDR. I had to take multiple shots before I could get one which was properly focused and not overlapping. If you move at all you end up with doubled images. I was holding my phone on a fencing post for this one.

The second image was taken with my normal phone camera with some editing (I adjusted the contrast level, highlights and vibrance).

hdr3 (1 of 1)

phone4 (1 of 1)Again, proHDR first and normal camera second with edits.hdr2 (1 of 1)

phone1 (1 of 1) Last shots same as above.

hdr1 (1 of 1)

phone2 (1 of 1)What do you think?

I definitely still like the app since it does take vibrant images, but I will use it on a tripod next time.

After doing even a small amount of editing on my phone camera images I can see a lot of grain and distortion. You just can't do much editing on a non RAW file.

More on RAW files another time.

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Smartphone Camera App: ProHDR Camera

30 Days of Smartphone Photography day 13

I love trying out new camera apps for my phone. I just downloaded proHDR Camera, and even just using it inside I'm impressed. 

At $1.99, this very handy app allows you to get perfect exposure by meshing two images together.

This app is great for those times when your phone camera completely over/underexposes parts of an image. This happens to me a lot with the sky!

I think this app would be perfect for sunset shots so I will report back once I have some amazing photos for you. Unfortunately, its just come over all grey here in Portland so for now here's a few pics I took just now to see the difference.

My regular camera app with no post editing:


ProHDR app with no post editing:hdr_00022_1Pretty cool what the app can do. I am excited to try it out properly!

Note:Do not take photos of moving objects with this app. Invisidogs!


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