5 Motivation Tips for Photographers

30 Days of Smartphone Photography Day 25

Sometimes I have zero motivation to get out of the house and take photos. It's too hot. It's too rainy. The light isn't right. I don't want to get up that early!

20140702_210821Whatever the reason, my motivation to get out an take photographs comes and goes.

Sometimes I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing and I get so caught up hours can pass without me realizing!

Sometimes I look at my photographs, let little frustrations get the better of me and feel like I should stop even trying.

And then, also, sometimes I prefer to just enjoy a moment and not let my camera take over.

Whatever your reason for lacking motivation to get out and practice your skills, today I have 5 simple tips to re-inspire you

1. Experiment. Photograph the mundane. Snap something you wouldn't usually bother photographing and find beauty in expected places. Have a look around your house or in your backyard and think of capturing textures, colours and unnoticed objects. The best thing about photography is the unlimited number of methods/skills/techniques to experiment with. You won't know if you like a particular technique until you try it.

2. Go for a walk or ride your bike to an unfamiliar location. Sometimes the simple act of discovering a new location, object or scene is all you need to get going again. Take a walk around your neighbourhood, ride a different way to work, venture out at different times of the day to see how the light changes a scene. Since I have been travelling, one of the things I have enjoyed the most is simply leaving the house and seeing where the day takes me. I stop and photograph whatever captures my attention.

3. Be inspired by others. When I am lacking motivation I find one of the best ways to get re-inspired is to see what other photographers are doing. Flickr is great for this since you can explore by particular topics, camera type (including smartphone) and you can also see what settings the photographer uses. Flickr is also really useful for seeing how other photographers have captured a particular location. If it's a popular location there will usually be quite a few photos and it will help give you an idea of how you would like to set up when you are there. You might be surprised to see a familiar location captured in a way that makes it seem entirely different to how you know it.

4. Participate in a short course or join a community. Last year I did a one day landscape photography course and was kind of blown away at how much I learned in one day! It really is incredible how much you can learn from a passionate professional. If you don't want to take a course you can join a community to share your photographs and get feedback. By simply talking about photography you gain new understanding.

5. Take your camera with you wherever you go. I have managed to get this habit to stick finally. No matter what I am doing or where I am going I take my camera, smartphone and any extra lenses which fit in my small camera bag. Even if I I only end up taking one photo, that's still better than leaving my gear at home. I used to feel self conscious about taking photos while I was out with other people and would try to rush to get a photo and move on. Now I stop and take my time. If I really can't stay for long, when I can I will go back to the same location to get more shots.

Of course there's many other things you can do to get re-inspired but there's just a few from me.

While my motivation comes and goes, my interest in learning about photography only grows stronger each time I learn something new, get a new piece of equipment or capture an awesome shot.

I hope this post has helped to inspire you to get out and continue learning too!

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