Quirky Animals - Foxing It Up

Last week was a hard. We were (are) still adjusting to being home in Aus, I had a new project to launch which I had entirely underestimated the amount of work it would require, and we got some really sad news about the passing of Scott Dinsmore. I never met Scott, but I know from hearing Kyle and others tell me about him that he was an incredible person. He is the founder of Live Your Legend, and he had dedicated his life to helping people connect, to discover what is truly important, and how to find and do the work they love.

Last year while Kyle and I were living separately I was attending a Live Your Legend Local meetup here in Melbourne, and it was through that community that I found direction and meaning in my work.

While we took time to grieve his loss, it was incredible to see his global community uniting to send love to his wife and family. His death is a terrible loss, but I know for many people, including myself, it has caused a ripple effect and makes us ask ourselves if we truly living our legend, doing the work we love and showing up as our true authentic selves.

If you lean into possibility, and embody what matters to you, the world will be in your corner.– Scott Dinsmore

So I decided to show up and do the work and live my life the way I want. I launched my project last week, and released the Confused Giraffe. It was amazing to get such a positive response and I am so grateful to everyone who shared my project around.

Sometimes these projects don’t go entirely to plan, and I felt like I was getting signs last week to quit (that video did not want to be created!!), but I realized through the process that you just have to look at things from a different perspective sometimes. Hence the quote on the Giraffe print!

This week I’m introducing the second quirky original. Here’s the video, a few in progress shots and the finished product.

Thanks to Sarah McBride Thacker for the music in this video! You can find her work HERE and HERE.

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Finding Meaning in a Fox

A few weekends ago I attended World Domination Summit here in Portland. Sounds like some crazy cult conference right? Well, it was my first time attending and it was a pretty incredible experience. It's basically a week long event of meeting amazing creatives, entrepreneurs, doing workshops and listening to inspiring speakers. The keynote speakers were indeed inspiring, but they were also very real and raw in their stories and many of the presentations left close to 3000 of us in tears. Fox 2 Hearing Jeremy Cowart's keynote on his photography projects was particularity moving.

So, the reason I'm telling you this is because people often finish up the conference and fall in a heap. Which I did on the Tuesday following the event. While the weekend was amazing, and I got to meet and hang out with some seriously awesome people, it also left me feeling kinda flat. I was being really hard on myself, and I had this sinking feeling that what I have been doing and the projects I have worked on are pretty meaningless.

I have fallen in love with art this last few months, but I am still sometimes left feeling like what I am doing isn't exactly life changing. I talked to Kyle about this and we agreed that I just need to keep creating work I love and see where it leads me.

So, the next day I was thinking about what I wanted to create, and the idea popped randomly into my head that I wanted to work on a series of Woodland Creatures (Fox, Owl, Squirrel, Deer etc). The US is having an effect on me, first Hummingbirds in Oakland and now Woodland Creatures...  I started work on the fox that day, and guess what happened! The VERY NEXT DAY I got a commission request for a Horned Owl! It made my day and also reaffirmed for me that if I just focus on creating things I love, then the meaning and direction will follow.

So anyway, I am feeling pretty good about things right now so I thought I'd share the start to finish of my happy squinty fox.

This is part one of a series of four original designs, which will be for sale once the series is complete. Of course the Owl is already sold, so the Fox, Squirrel and Deer will be available. If you are interested in purchasing one of these original designs you can email me at z@zoewood.net.

I will keep you updated as I work through the designs.

2015-07-16 17.00.16

I did  have grid this out and use a few different pictures to get the right proportions. 2015-07-17 12.18.39

I don't really work through a drawing the way you're supposed to, I just do it the way I want.2015-07-17 12.29.36 2015-07-17 12.46.25 2015-07-17 14.57.05-1 2015-07-17 15.19.58

Just one more ear, some body and whiskers of course!2015-07-17 15.52.35 2015-07-18 15.39.56 2015-07-18 16.17.22

The finished product. I love it a lot. IMG_4621

Thanks for following along on my journey!


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