30 Days of Smartphone Photography in Portland Day 4

One of the things I like the most about Portland so far is the parks. The city is surrounded by beautiful forests and mountains. And the food. The food here is incredibly good!

Forest Park is within the city limits of Portland, so today we did a small "introductory" hike (more of a stroll really) after lunch at St Honore Boulangerie bakery.

If you come to Portland make sure you go to this bakery. Awesome food and extremely affordable. Seriously. Kyle and I had a full lunch here for under 20 bucks for both of us!

Check out these delicious goodies!

20140614_140222We walked to the Witches Castle along the Macleay park trail where some scenes from Grimm were shot. Kyle was a little star struck. Forest park is beautiful and I'm looking forward to exploring more in the next few weeks.

20140614_144239Portland is easily becoming my "ideal" place to live.