Camping, Hiking and Mountain Lakes

Setting up camp at midnight, freezing our butts off and getting a very small amount of sleep, 35 Kilometers of hiking, giant mountains and spectacular lakes is the fastest way to explain my latest adventure.IMG_4970 Last Monday I went camping again with Melissa, her husband Jake and a new friend Elaine. This time our destination was the Wallowa Mountains.

Day one started in the afternoon and we drove late into the night. We had dinner on the road, managed to get pulled over by the highway patrol for stopping to take photos of the pretty sunset (oops!) and we ended up reaching our destination close to midnight. It was freezing! I did not prepare for cold weather! Hence my lack of sleep - I spent most of the night waking up to add more layers, and actually had to stuff my feet into one of my hoodies inside my sleeping bag!

Here's the sunset which got us into trouble.


Day two we hiked along the Hurricane Creek Trail, and sadly due to my lack of sleep and not packing enough food I got terrible calf muscle cramps and it was a generally painful, slightly hangry 16 Kilometers! Even so, the scenery was absolutely beautiful, and the glacier carved mountain ranges were incredible to see. IMG_4635

Here's Elaine leading the hike through one of the beautiful valleys along the creek. IMG_4652

We ran into this very cute wild pheasant chick along the track.IMG_4680Elaine and I had pretty ridiculously sore feet and legs after our first hike, but we still managed to explore the lake where we were camping - only after dinner number one though. We had to have second dinner after exploring to try to refuel sufficiently!

Here's some Geese chilling on Lake Wallowa. IMG_4709 IMG_4745 The wild flowers in Oregon are seriously awesome. They are everywhere! IMG_4762 IMG_4768 IMG_4771 IMG_4789

A fairly ugly frog we spotted on the lake shore. IMG_4804 Elaine snapping some shots of Lake Wallowa at sunset. IMG_4845 IMG_4854

Day three we hiked 19 Kilometers (first half entirely up hill!) to Aneroid Lake. I did not go unprepared this time though, and packed enough food for about five people! And ate it all obviously. I actually don't think I have ever hiked that far. I should do this more often!

I am just gonna say the last 2 K's of that hike uphill were shitty. Seriously hangry, aching legs, sick of switchback hills (and even a sneaky fake lake before the real lake which thankfully we had been warned about) shitty!

I'm am so glad we made the hike though. Aneroid Lake is divine. IMG_4900 IMG_4906 IMG_4933 IMG_4970 IMG_4980 Last photo stop on the way back down. Elaine and Melissa showing some love.IMG_4985 Last day of the trip we were up and out of the campsite early, and after exploring a little of the lake township of Joseph, some good coffee and a chocolate sampling we made the long drive back home.

I'm so grateful for good friends who take me on awesome adventures!

IMG_5070 IMG_5073

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