The Divine Owl

Last week I was playing around with Photoshop collaging and in the process I created this stunning image.

Divine Owl and the Sacred Feminine - Zoe Wood 2017

I used my handpainted Owl and collaged it flying over the moon with gorgeous contellations and star dust behind, with the sacred feminine symbol over the moon.

The Owl is associated with the Goddesses Athena and Lilith, and the dark feminine and it's also said that the "Owl teaches us to look beyond our human circumstances to see the deeper meanings and blessings held in all life events, transmuting and alchemizing the mundane into the sacred."

I love this image so much I decided to get a print for myself and I'm super pleased with the quality and colour. If you'd love a print of your own check it out HERE.  

The divine owl print - zoe wood 2017

You can find this image at Society6 on a bunch of awesome items like phone cases, bags and notebooks.

xx Zoe