Photo of the Day: Multnomah Falls

30 Days of Smartphone Photography day 16

Oregon is home to some of the most amazing scenery! 

One of the reasons I love Portland so much is the fact that I can drive half an hour out of the city to get to Columbia River Gorge and the absolutely beautiful waterfalls.

Today we took a mini adventure east of Portland to visit Multnomah Falls. The whole area surrounding this waterfall is stunning, and even in the pouring rain it draws a massive crowd.

I would not advise going on a weekend or even on a nice day!

I plan to go early in the morning next time to beat the crowd.

Here's the best shot I got today while trying to protect my camera from the rain, (forgot my umbrella) right before another hopeful photographer set up his tripod directly in front of me. multnomah (1 of 1) Here's the settings I used for this shot: Manual Mode - ISO 100, f/16, 1/2 second exposure at 32mm.

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Rainy Day Photography

30 Days of Smartphone Photography in Portland Day 6


I was about to jump on my bike to ride over to Alberta St when the skies opened and it absolutely bucketed down!

I am really glad I was procrastinating and didn't leave earlier. 

But of course rain brings good things too. As you do when it's pouring rain, thundering and hailing I took off my socks and snapped some fun photos of the hailstones.

20140616_154421 20140616_154435 20140616_154513 20140616_154615 20140616_154821 20140616_154944

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