Hummingbird A5 Giclée Prints

Background pic 3 (1 of 1) Due to popular demand I have selected a few of my favourite original designs from Project Hummingbird and they are now available as A5 Giclée (fine art) prints on beautiful Hahnemuhle William Turner (310gsm) paper.

Simply select the print you would like below, and you will be taken to a secure shopping cart to make your purchase.

I have a limited selection of prints available, so in some cases shipping may take a little longer while I get new orders printed.

International shipping is available at $8.00.

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Rainbow Hummingbird Print Green Hummingbird Print Red Hummingbird Print
Blue Hummingbird Print Earth Hummingbird Print

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="6" gal_title="Hummingbird prints"] Thank you all for your wonderful support of my project!

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Hummingbird Photography

These tiny little hummingbirds are trying to make me go crazy! I think they are succeeding too, because despite all these shots I am still not entirely happy.IMG_2231

I have become kind of obsessed with photographing them, and my sole purpose at the moment is to get a perfect clear shot of one of these tiny speeding humming birds in flight with all their beautiful colour showing.

How amazing is the colour in this one!IMG_2428

I am starting to feel like capturing both flight and colour is impossible! I just spent 2 hours in the garden trying to achieve this with no luck.

I have been testing out my lenses and different settings and haven't quite got it right yet.

Most of these shots were taken with my 75-300mm lens on Shutter Priority at 1/1000 -1/1600, ISO 800 in full sun. Despite these tiny birds being the fastest I have ever seen, I think my long lens is the culprit. Its quite difficult to keep the lens still enough to get a shot of a moving object.

Anyway, I still have a week left here in Oakland, so I'm not giving up yet!

Wish me luck!IMG_2188

IMG_2371 IMG_2396 IMG_2431IMG_2397

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While I was patiently sitting and waiting in the hot sun to get the perfect shot, Jasper was stealing my water.. IMG_2423