Photo of The Day: 4th July

30 Days of Smartphone Photography Day 23 I haven't ever photographed fireworks, or experienced the 4th of July in the US. Both new experiences were pretty awesome.IMG_1388

Basically the entire city of Portland and across the river in Washington goes completely fireworks crazy. Although any fireworks over 8 feet are technically illegal in Oregon, once it's dark (actually just all day) every street you walk along will have some form of fireworks going off.

We spent the evening with an amazing group of people to celebrate. We had the best smoked pork, delicious salads, layer cake, cherry ice cream and salted caramel brownies. And cider. Always cider.

When our bellies were full to bursting we ventured out to see some of the fireworks displays and we were not disappointed! All night we could hear what sounded like thousands of small bombs going off in the distance.

We eventually made it to St Helens View park and we could see across the river to Washington where all fireworks are legal. I am not joking, the ENTIRE horizon was lit up and stayed that way for hours!


Unfortunately we were too far away for any awesome shots, but we got an illegal show over the park and this photo is the best I could get without a tripod.

Totally awesome first 4th of July!