Switch Off Auto

Are you new to Digital photography? Does the manual provided with your new camera seem a million pages long and filled with tiny writing and impossibly boring technical details?Ipad-cover Photography is a visual art, and therefore you should be able to learn about it in a visual way. Although the manual may be handy for particular technical settings, most of the time the best way to understand and get better at something is to put it into practice.

If you find the official manual impossibly boring, of course it’s going to be hard to put aside time to read it and learn about your fancy new camera.

Learning about photography should be interesting and fun!

That's what this eBook is all about.

There’s so much you can do with a DSLR, but it’s certainly easy to get overwhelmed and simply switch the mode dial to Auto and continue using your amazing new camera as a point and shoot. This eBook will give you simple and easy to read tips to help you switch off auto mode and start experimenting with the fancy settings on your new camera.

This is the eBook I wish I had when I got my first DSLR and was just beginning to learn about digital photography.

If you are brand new to photography here's some very useful things you will learn from this eBook:

  • Switch off Auto Mode and stop using your DSLR as a point and shoot
  • Learn all about Exposure and the mysterious "exposure triangle" to understand the technical side of a great shot
  • Understand what Aperture and Shutter speed are all about so you can confidently choose which mode to shoot in and start getting creative with your shots
  • Learn about which file format to shoot in so you can turn your work into beautiful prints for your home
  • Get to know that weird Histogram thing that photographers always seem to go on about
  • Get some awesome tips for snapping tack sharp beautiful images of your children or pets
  • Practice some of the "rules of photography" so you feel confident when you break them!