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30 Day of Smartphone Photography Day 8

In an effort to make the most of my 30 days of smartphone photography, and also because I take photos of just about everything, I got a couple of lenses for my smartphone.


Photojojo offers 3 lens combo for a great price which work on my Samsung phone (or any phone apparently), so I got a Fisheye, Polarizer and Wide/Macro lens.

The lens is super easy to use, you just adhere a small ring of metal around your camera lens and then the Photojojo lens attaches to that by magnet. The metal ring can be removed and they give you a whole bunch of replacements in case it comes off accidentally too.

Today I tested out the Wide/Macro lens while I explored the Japanese Gardens in Portland. While sitting in a really beautiful part of the garden I got a visit from a very obliging bee. He was nice enough to stick around the same couple of flowers so I could get a few good shots of him (see above for Mr Bee).

I am really happy with the Macro aspect of the lens, and the detail is awesome compared to my phone camera, but I'm not so happy with the Wide angle. Although it creates a cool effect, the wide angle creates distortion around the edges and also I had to crop my images since the lens could be seen a tiny bit around the corners.

The detail of images up close is pretty amazing. Here's what I captured today with the Wide/Macro.

The center of a purple Orchid. (This has been cropped and zoomed on Lightroom)

20140618_142054Tree bark and moss (you can see the edge distortion in this one)

20140618_133646A huge Koi fish taken from about 3 feet away

20140618_131555I took a few landscape shots too, and here's an example of the edge distortion and dark corners.

20140618_130635So far I really like the new lens. Super easy to carry around since its tiny, AND super easy to lose! I spent at least half an hour trying to find mine in the grass today after I accidently dropped it getting all my things together. Note to self, don't leave the lens on the camera and put it in your pocket.

I will update you with some shots with the Polarizer and Fisheye soon.

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