Smartphone Camera App: ProHDR Camera

30 Days of Smartphone Photography day 13

I love trying out new camera apps for my phone. I just downloaded proHDR Camera, and even just using it inside I'm impressed. 

At $1.99, this very handy app allows you to get perfect exposure by meshing two images together.

This app is great for those times when your phone camera completely over/underexposes parts of an image. This happens to me a lot with the sky!

I think this app would be perfect for sunset shots so I will report back once I have some amazing photos for you. Unfortunately, its just come over all grey here in Portland so for now here's a few pics I took just now to see the difference.

My regular camera app with no post editing:


ProHDR app with no post editing:hdr_00022_1Pretty cool what the app can do. I am excited to try it out properly!

Note:Do not take photos of moving objects with this app. Invisidogs!


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