Quirky Animals Challenge - Meet Gibbs

A couple of weeks ago my friend Jess asked Kyle and me to feed her cats. 

If you want to see a hungry cats and hear them tell you all about it, meet Jess's cats Gibbs and Neo! 

We arrived at her apartment to find Gibbs sitting in the window, tongue hanging out and eyes wide, realising that someone was about to come inside who was potentially about to feed him! 

He was terrified of Kyle, but also overcome with his insane urge to eat ALL THE FOOD so he still went totally crazy when I opened the cupboard to grab the cat food. 

Gibbs is the runt of the litter, so even though he is 2 years old, he still looks like a kitten. He's ridiculously cute and hilarious looking at the same time.  He has an underbite also, hence the sticking out tongue!

This is the last quirky original in my 30 Day Art Challenge! 

It has been a challenge to keep up with the work, but painting wasn't the hard part. I have learnt SO much about what does and doesn't work - especially when it comes to making timelapse videos when it feels like the universe of technology is conspiring against you! It has only been the last two paintings that I feel like I have found flow in the work, and have been able to create an entire video with Premier Pro without any help from Kyle. Yay! (Premier Pro is quite complicated, I really am happy about knowing how to use this software now!)

This print is available as a limited run of 15 prints. Get it below! 

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