Quirky Animals – Cheeky Raccoon

It’s Thursday, and that means it’s quirky animal number three!

This challenge has been more “challenging” than I expected, and we have had a number of setbacks and technical difficulties, but the thing that I am really appreciating about it is how much I am learning in the process. 

I feel like I prepare pretty well for each individual painting, but all sorts of things have gone awry. We’ve had website disasters, shopping cart issues, camera lens malfunctions, flat camera batteries, music indecision and FB dramas.

Yesterday afternoon before I sat down to paint this Cheeky Raccoon I got really overwhelmed thinking about all the things that need to be done before today, including a shift to a new website which is NOT going well. Instead of letting that completely freak me out, I sat down on the floor and did a short Self Compassion meditation.

Hurrah for meditation! I seriously needed that! I felt calm again, and also totally OK with the fact that maybe I won’t get everything finished for today’s release.

The thing is, I could very easily choose to feel like the universe is telling me to quit this project and move onto the next thing, or I can choose to believe that all of this is a lesson I’m supposed to learn. If I just lean into the challenge and do the work, then things start falling into place.

(As I was writing this Kyle let me know that the problem with my website move has been resolved!). Yay!

The Cheeky Raccoon

I have a short short story that goes with this cheeky Raccoon, and I have been wanting to create a picture to go with that story for a long time.

In 2014 while Kyle and I were staying in Oakland, CA, we had Airbnb accommodation in this cute little cottage in the backyard of the hosts block.
She had a beautiful garden which attracted teeny little hummingbirds all day every day. We would sit in her hot tub in the garden and watch the hummingbirds, and I would attempt to photograph them. This is where my crazy love of hummingbirds originated!

There was also a very fat Raccoon who would visit the garden to steal the cat’s food!
One day after adventuring in San Francisco we spent the rest of the evening relaxing in the hot tub, and the Racoon came to visit.

We were told to shoo it away any time we saw it because it kept eating the cats food. In fact it ate so much of the cats food it had become quite the rotund Raccoon!

We tried yelling at it and splashing water at it but it literally just sat there staring at us stuffing handfuls of catfood into its mouth. I guess you probably needed to see it to find it as hilarious as we did, but that’s why I created this little painting.

I will have a video of this creation soon!


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