Summer Hummingbird

I'm going back to what started it all, and taking on a revised version of Project Hummingbird!

If you haven't heard about the original project you can read more here.

The original project was my first leap as an artist, and ever since I have had people asking me about the hummingbirds, and when I will be doing more originals. 

I completely adore hummingbirds. My fascination with them began in 2014 while visiting Oakland, CA. There was a beautiful garden where we stayed, and I literally spent hours trying to photograph the hummingbirds visiting the garden. They are so tiny, and yet they are capable of incredible feats, they can fly backwards! 

The hummingbird reminds me to live in the moment and focus on the positive aspects of my life.

Now I love, love, LOVE painting them, and I'm so happy to be able to share that with you!

This is the first original in the series - painted yesterday morning in the garden.

Project Hummingbird 2.0

During the month of November I will be creating ONE new original each week which will be available for purchase here on my site. I'll be creating a video to show the creation of each one too. 

These originals are 6 x 8 inches - painted on beautiful Arches Cotton paper.

If you have been waiting for an original make sure you get in quick as these won't be around very long!

The original will also be available as a limited run of FOUR prints, HOWEVER, similar to last time I ran this project, I will only make prints if all four are are ordered. 

If you make an order on a print BUT I don't receive four orders I will simply refund the amount to you at the end of this project (30th November). If you would prefer to not to put any money down you can contact me to make an order instead. 

Like I have said before, it doesn't matter what else I do, I always come back to hummingbirds!


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