ProHDR Photo of The Day: Seattle

30 Days of Smartphone Photography Day 21

The warmth of a summer evening is my absolute favourite time of day. 

Kyle and I are taking a few days to explore in and around Seattle, and we have been extremely lucky to have the most incredible blue skies.

Last night was the perfect evening for wandering the city. It was up in the 90's (around 33C) but the city and the concrete along the water made it feel twice as hot. Walking along the waterfront was a similar feeling to being in a sauna, so we took a boat tour around Elliot Bay and ordered an icy cocktail to refresh ourselves.

Seattle is beautiful, and with the weather being so perfect we could see all of Mt. Rainier in the background of the city. Apparently being able to see the peak of Mt. Rainier is a rare experience. Our tour guide on the boat explained that approximately 270 days of the year here are overcast!

After a hike up all the Seattle city hills and a quick Pizza dinner we headed to the Columbia Center Building for a proper view of the city.

Here's my ProHDR phone camera shot from the 73rd floor of the amazing view. hdr_00071_0If you enjoyed this post you can keep updated with more by subscribing to my email or connecting with me on Instagram.