ProHDR Camera Update

Today I went out on my bike, got a little lost and eventually found Eastbank Esplanade to get some comparison shots for the proHDR app. I took way too many photos and it's taken me ages to sort them all out. But I have an update on yesterdays post now!

I gotta say, I don't know if I'm so impressed now that I have some side by side photos with the new app and my regular camera.

Unless your're A, a robot with perfectly steady hands, or B, OK with blurry images this app is basically impossible to use without a tripod.

Even resting my phone on solid objects and breathing like a sniper I couldn't get images which didn't have a tiny bit of overlap. Really, this is to be expected since its using two images but it's also a phone app which most people would use without a tripod.

Here's the shots I took today.

First shot was taken using proHDR. I had to take multiple shots before I could get one which was properly focused and not overlapping. If you move at all you end up with doubled images. I was holding my phone on a fencing post for this one.

The second image was taken with my normal phone camera with some editing (I adjusted the contrast level, highlights and vibrance).

hdr3 (1 of 1)

phone4 (1 of 1)Again, proHDR first and normal camera second with edits.hdr2 (1 of 1)

phone1 (1 of 1) Last shots same as above.

hdr1 (1 of 1)

phone2 (1 of 1)What do you think?

I definitely still like the app since it does take vibrant images, but I will use it on a tripod next time.

After doing even a small amount of editing on my phone camera images I can see a lot of grain and distortion. You just can't do much editing on a non RAW file.

More on RAW files another time.

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