Lens Update: Canon EF 24-105mm

30 Days of Smartphone Photography in Portland Day 7

Today's post is non-smartphone photography related, but my new lens arrived so I absolutely needed to share my excitement with you!

My Canon 18-55mm kit lens has left me feeling like my photos lack an ideal amount of awesomeness lately, and during post editing I have noticed that my images aren't as sharp as I'd like and tend to produce a lot of noise from the smallest amount of editing too. So, although a whole new camera would be amazing, I have started off with a new lens. Priorities people. I am still travelling.

Here's my new (secondhand) lens. (Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM). It's nice. (Amazon made it easy to find this really good quality used lens).


I received the new lens last night so I have taken a few snaps to compare the new with the old.

My kit lens zoomed in all the way has a max aperture of f/5.6, which doesn't allow for great photos in low light without bumping up the ISO.  The new lens is has a wider aperture opening (f/4 at full zoom), so the 24-105 lets in more light, which in turn means sharper, less grainy images.

Here's a full zoom shot of a flower, 18-55mm on the left, 24-105 on the right.


Zoomed on Lightroom for close up comparison.  Untitled

Again full zoom on both lens.


Zoomed in on Lightroom. See what I mean about all the noise (grain) after editing the 18-55mm?

2So far I am completely satisfied with my new lens. The 18-55mm was a little wider, but it just doesn't compare when it comes to image quality.

Here's some more shots from earlier today for your viewing pleasure.






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