Mini Leaf Paintings

It's been one of those busy Monday's where you have done what feels like a hundred things and still feel like you haven't done anything, but I wanted to quickly share these teeny paintings I did yesterday.

Not long ago I came across the most stunning plant paintings by Jenny K at Living Pattern on Instagram and being an indoor plant lover myself I was inspired to have a go at painting some leaves. 

I don't actually have a Monstera Deliciosa but I love how the holes in the leaves make beautiful patterns to allow light through to the lower foliage. It's on my list for my slowly growing indoor garden.

Monstera Deliciosa.png
Maidenhair fern Watercolour - Zoe Wood 2017

Here's my mini watercolour attempt at a Monstera leaf. The actual paper size is 3 x 3 inches. I feel like there's definitely a "less is more" technique which I haven't mastered here, or maybe it would look better on a larger scale with less details. Either way, I still love the green and the shape.

I also tried a super quick painting of some Maidenhair Fern from my own plant. I love how vibrant this plant is, and when you run your hands through the leaves it's beautiful and soft.

Here's to many more green leafy things in the future! 

xx Zoe