Last chance for Quirky Animals!

My 30 Day Art Challenge is officially over! I want to thank everyone who supported me during the challenge.

I had a lot of fun, and I'm really excited that my art is making it's way to family, friends and complete strangers all around the world!

Its been lovely to hear stories of how my artwork has touched people, hearing suggestions for quirky animals and knowing that these little prints are finding new homes as surprise gifts!

I have FOUR things I want to tell you about now the challenge is over:

ONE: During the challenge my prints were available for $30, and because I love you all I'm extending this sale price for one more week on ALL QUIRKY PRINTS in my store. Prints are strictly limited to 15, so once they are sold out they won't be available in my shop anymore. 

At the end of this week (on Thursday OCT 22nd) A5 print prices will be going up to $50. 

All of my prints are created at CPL Digital. They do an absolutely beautiful job and use the highest quality cotton paper and inks. I'm always blown away when I pick up my work because it looks so close to the original! 

Get your quirky prints in my SHOP.

TWO: I love every one of these little paintings, and because I think they make such a randomly cute collection I'm offering them all as one package for one week only at $200.  That means you save $40!

WHY would you want all 8 you ask? 

  • Take the stress out of Christmas gift shopping and give a beautiful print to family and friends
  • Create a super cute gallery in your nursery
  • Bring some quirkiness into your home to remind you to smile and have fun!

THREE: If prints aren't your thing, I want to let you know the ORIGINALS are for sale. 

If you want an original quirky animal, make sure you get your hands on one now as there are only 6 left! If you haven't yet seen how these were created, you can check out the videos on Youtube. 

Each piece is created over many hours with love and careful attention to detail. 

Originals are available in my SHOP for $200 each. 

Original Owl painting.

Original Owl painting.


FOUR: Don't see a quirky animal you like, or have something else in mind you would love to have custom painted or drawn? I take commissions HERE.  I don't just take pet portraits, just let me know what you're looking for and I am happy to discuss options. 

These items will be available at these prices until Thursday 22nd OCT!

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Thanks for reading,

 ~ Zoe