15 Minutes A Day

On Friday last week I had my regular catch up with my gorgeous singer/songwriting friend, Laura from South Carolina. We met at Camp GLP, and now we talk every two weeks. It's been awesome having that small amount of accountability to keep having conversations about what we're both struggling with as artists. 

On Friday we both talked about getting a bit slack with our creativity, so we set ourselves an accountability challenge to create for 15 minutes every day until our next conversation in two weeks. 

The only rules are: It has to be a new idea each day - no going back to previous days to work on an idea until the end of the challenge.

It has to be a minimum of 15 minutes every day - it's ok to go over, but not under. 

We're up to day 4, and already I feel pulled to my notebook to do more! I love this challenge!  

Here's what the last 4 days have produced. 


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